Team Motivation – Singing Events

You are looking perhaps for a different Team Event idea? Singing with others raises enthusiasm and can achieve a much more productive company spirit and team motivation. You want to thank your team while simultaneously motivating them to new heights in a most unforgetable way?
You are looking for accompanying measures to change and new structural orientation? This event is an experience never to forget and an added value for your company.

The energy that one receives from singing with others builds a positive and concentrated mood of wellbeing and and mental vigour. This is because not only the head, but also the heart and body are activated.

An infectious atmosphere of calmness and serenity is generated, which positivly effects the concentration and learning abilities of the team, as well as strengthening personal presence. Solidarity, teamspirit and selfconfidence is strengthened and new skills are called forth.

I work with small, easily understandable Modules that can be used without any musical experience or knowledge. In the atmosphere that I create, the sentence „I can’t sing“, doesn’t mean a thing.

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