Training the voice

Training the voice

Speech Training

For people that speak often in their work environment, it is very important for them to excercise their voice, or „instrument“. A very important theme is relaxation. How do you find the possibility, with the least amount of stress, to employ your voice, and to protect it at the same time. Both protection and relaxation are but only one side of the coin. Through Voice and Speech traing, this very important resource can be considerably extended.


Essentials to vocalisation

the lungs, responsible for respiration
the larynx and the vocal chords, responsible for the sound generation
the mouth and the pharynx, responsible for the formation and artikulations of speech
the many different muscles that are responsible for joining these four vocalization motors together.

Voice Development –
Broadening your vocal resources

The Voice is not a seperate organ, but rather a cooperation of your thoughts with the muscles and organs of your body. All of these things are trainable. Your voice does’nt have to remain how it is forever. The voice can be trained; it can be done just like a sport.

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