Voice and Speechtraining

Voice and Speechtraining

Welcome. I am very pleased to be able to support your voice at work. A trained voice will help you function in all the stylistically different aspects of singing, as well as the day to day or at work aspects of public speaking.

Voice and Speech – Learn to speak better in public
Motivation – Raise Motivation to new levels
Stage Presence and Presentation – become mor authentic and clear
Communication – Achieve a much more productive company spirit and team motivation
Presentation Power – Gain more presence and more stamina in yor voice

Learn to speak better in public

If you speak publically at work, then your voice will become louder and more sonorous with voice and speech training. You will become more authentic and clear in your phrasing and you will gain more presence and more stamina in your voice. Read more…


Teamtraining for Businesses

For Businesses, I offer workshops and regular teamtraining. It has been my experience that in a team, both personal motivation and team spirit increase through voice training. Read more…